Advance Praise

Success Made Simple is a gift to business leaders everywhere—a brilliantly written, tantalizing story of practical success, homespun charm, and unexpected delight! A must-read for organizations looking to restore America’s enduring and sometimes forgotten values to their rightful place.”
—DAN J. SANDERS, CEO, United Supermarkets, and author, Built to Serve

“Recent high-profile business disasters have reminded us that intellect and even competence are not the essential ingredients for business success. Success Made Simple captures the soul of Amish business and reveals how character, faithful relationships, and a commitment to the greater good of community lead to ‘uncommon’ success.”
—DAN MILLER, author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

“In Success Made Simple, Amish entrepreneurs show that a focus on relationships and service builds thriving businesses. This is an intriguing look at an uncommon business community!”

“A must read for all business owners and managers who believe the ability to work is a blessing that bestows dignity and self-worth to employees. This book brims with sage advice from Amish businessmen and women who believe first and foremost that if you put people first, profits will follow.”
—TRACEY C. JONES, President, Tremendous Life Books

“I urge you to let the Amish entrepreneurs show you the amazing power of putting simple ideas into practice. This book will take you up several notches in overcoming obstacles, motivating employees, and winning—and keeping—customers.”
—MARTIN FRIDSON, CEO, Fridson Investment Advisors, and author,
How to Be a Billionaire

“As simple as possible, but not one bit simpler. Erik Wesner perfectly captures the essence of success—the Amish case yields valuable lessons for us all: business is a vehicle for something more important, and you can’t do it all on your own.”
—CHRIS ADAMS, CEO, Division 17, Southwestern/Great American, Inc.

“Erik Wesner shows that success has many more dimensions than numerical growth.  Success Made Simple is a valuable read not just for mainstream American business people but also for the Amish.”
—BENUEL RIEHL, Amish father and business owner