About Amish Business

Amish Business Facts and Figures

  • Nearly ¼ million Amish live in 27 states and Canada
  • Rapid growth—with an average 7 children/family, Amish double in size every 18 years.  Over 130 new communities founded in past decade
  • 9,000 Amish businesses in North America
  • 95% success rate measured over 5 years
  • Not just mom-and-pop stands—may have up to 30 or more employees, annual revenue over $10 million not unusual for larger firms
  • Amish-made furniture may comprise 10% of the value of all domestic furniture shipments
  • Amish tourist market likely over 20 million people
  • One study showed 97% of respondents perceived Amish products to be of higher quality than corresponding non-Amish ones
  • Prominent Amish industries: Commercial and Residential Building, Custom Woodworking, Furniture Making, Quilts and Home Items, Manufacturing
  • Other Amish businesses: Organic Produce, Machine/Engine Shops, Bakeries, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Solar and Lighting, Buggy Builders, Urban and Suburban Market Stands, Pet Breeders